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Joining into [a popular] [trend] that isn't [enjoyable] solely because it is popular.

Descriptions and examples for bandwagoning

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  1. Bandwagoning

  2. Description:
    The act of joining [a popular] activity even if it might not be [enjoyable] for the [sole] reason of it being popular.

    I heard [Kyle] doesn't like [golf] at all.

    Yeah man he's just [bandwagoning] because we're playing it.

  3. Bandwagoning

  4. Description:
    To join a [trendy] or popular activity for the [sole] reason [that it is] popular.

    1: I heard Kyle [doesn't even] like [golf].
    2:Yeah hes [bandwagoning] with us because we like it.

  5. bandwagoning

  6. Description:
    the [uncontrollable] attraction of multiple individuals from one social [grouping] to an individual of the opposite sex; without [realization] or intention.

    [Lara]: "quit bandwagoning" Justin: "sorry can't help it, [what can i say], i'm just [that good]"

  7. bandwagoning

  8. Description:
    the [uncontrollable] attraction of multiple individuals from one social [grouping] to an individual of the opposite sex; without [realization] or intention.

    [Lara]: "quit bandwagoning" Justin: "sorry can't help it, [what can i say], i'm just [that good]"

  9. Bandwagoner

  10. Description:
    A person who starts to support a particular thing (sports, fashion, people, ect) simply because they are [trendy] or start [gaining] [momentum].

    kareem: let's go warriors!

    [Imran]: what a [bandwagoner] you were rooting for the cavs in the finals last year

    Kareem: I don't want to miss out on history.

    Imran: [that's what you said] about Lebron ....


  11. Bandwagoner

  12. Description:
    A [fake fan]. Wannabes who want to fit in with [whatever's] considered popular or [hyped] in order to gain attention and acceptance. They like something based on the majority of people's interests, not their own. Once that sports team or trend is no longer popular, they will follow whatever is currently considered "cool" or "popular".

    [bandwagoner]: [LAKERS] ARE A JOKE! LETS GO HEAT!

    Dan: Dude.. weren't you a [Lakers fan] just a few days ago?

  13. bandwagon

  14. Description:
    Taking [interest] in something just to [fit in] with [the crowd].

    [Walker] started watching Hockey because the [Bruins] where in the playoffs and everyone else was [watching it]. Walker is a major bandwagon.

  15. bandwagoneer

  16. Description:
    Someone who says or shows themselves to be [a fan] of a team who has won and gone to the [bigtime], or, someone famous who recently died, though they had shown no support for them [prior].

    After the team won the [championship],
    the bandwagoneer bought their [merchandise] and told everybody how great [a fan] he was and how they "go back a long way."

  17. Bandwagon

  18. Description:
    A person [that goes] with the [winning] team; [sammy]

    [Sammy] Thotapalli is [bandwagon] since he likes the [seahawks] and warriors but after the finals hes a cavs fan.

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