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caca spaniel

[A dog] [pooping] on a baby.

- First heard on [How I Met Your Mother]

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  1. spaniel

  2. Description:
    a [breed] of dog which comes in many types and colours. most of them make good gun dogs. they have [droopy] ears and are often [medium] or small in size.

    my spaniel has [the cutest] [ears].

  3. spaniel

  4. Description:
    A small filthy breed of dog with many vile habits, usually impossible to house-train and un-avoidably highly strung.
    Often advertised as being sweet and innocent by unscrupulous breeders who make shed-loads of cash. Also prone to most health problems and keep the [vets] going to the Carribean 4 times a year.
    [Cavalier] [King Charles] Spaniels are the worst. Trust me, we have been unfortunate enough to put up with one of these sub-standard so called pets.

    Oh [for gods sake], that [boggle] eyed rat you call a spaniel has p*[ssed] all over the rug again, isnt it time we had the cretin destroyed?

  5. spaniel

  6. Description:
    Known for its [kind-hearted] nature, [the spaniel] is a small [breed] of dog.

    Person 1: [What a] [pretty dog]!
    Person 2: Oh, no, there are [lots] of them. They're called spaniels.

  7. spaniel

  8. Description:
    A synonym for the vagina, esp. when used in reference to doggystyle.

    Coming from Scene I of [A Midsummer Night's Dream] by William Shakespeare, in which the lovestruck Helena tries to woo the disparaging Demetrius with the following passage:

    And even for that do I love you the more.
    I am your spaniel; and, Demetrius,
    The more you beat me, I will fawn on you:
    Use me but as your spaniel, spurn me, strike me,
    Neglect me, [lose me]; only give me leave,
    Unworthy as I am, to follow you.
    What worser place can I beg in your love,--
    And yet a place of high respect with me,--
    Than to be used as you use your dog?

    The term is meant to illustrate a situation of submissiveness, and as such, can be used as either a term for the vagina, or by the common use of [synecdoche], to refer to a woman as such, similarly to "pussy".

    Ex 1: Hey, I'm just tryna go to the club to [get down] and maybe get some spaniel tonight.

    Ex 2:
    Person A: Hey, I saw you last night with that girl, is anything going on with her on that long-term [tip]?
    Person B: Naw, I just [hit it and quit], definitely just some spaniel.

  9. Spaniel

  10. Description:
    A fat, useless 'Springer' Spaniel that has lost it's will to spring and just inhabits my sofa most of the day. Needs to go out and get a life instead of needing to be dragged off of [aforesaid] sofa for a walk. Also needs to learn how to do something useful instead of the [lamely] holding up of one paw and saying 'hello' (which he will only do for food).

    Even getting a cat cannot shift this [lardarse] animal from it's slumber. The cat just invariably sleeps next to the retarded canine.

    As a dog, this breed makes a good draft excluder! (not as good as sausage dogs perhaps?)

    "Oh you appear to have a large brown turd on your sofa?"

    "No, you'll have to excuse the smell. It's my [spaniel] Charlie. He used to be a [springer], but just can't be arsed these days. That's why he failed as a police/ [sniffer dog]"

  11. caca

  12. Description:
    a term meaning [fecal matter] used by [hispanics] to [deter] their kids from touching something

    [Juan], don't touch that [candy] that fell [on the floor], its caca!

  13. caca

  14. Description:
    [a word] that [literally] means [shit].

    Dude, I [took] a [huge] caca on that guys [porch]

  15. caca

  16. Description:
    [spanish] [word] for "a [crap]"

    [Ese] [gringo] huele a caca

    - That gringo [smells like shit]

  17. caca

  18. Description:
    Duh! Its [dook] that comes out of you know where! ([dung], dook, crap, poop, excrement, [anal droppings], anal waste, etc.)

    [Babies] can't [help] it when they [make] caca in their daipers!

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