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The Japanese slang word for "Idiot" or "[dead last]". Used along with [usuratonkachi] and [teme] in the Anime "Naruto."

Descriptions and examples for dobed

image of dobed
  1. Dobe

  2. Description:
    The [Intellectual] way of saying the past [tense] of [dab]

    [A normal person]: I [dabbed]
    Me, [an intellectual], I Dobe

  3. Dobing

  4. Description:
    Having a massive [spaz attack], or getting very angry about something. Showing characteristics of a [doberman] [pincher].

    Dude, [Gerrit] is [dobing] so badly right now.

    well you did just put your penis on his new [truck].

  5. dobe

  6. Description:
    what [sasuke] says to show his [love to] [naruto]

    [sasuke]:[talk to me] dobe

  7. Dobe

  8. Description:
    1;Someone who really [naive]

    2;[That idiot] [freind] of yours that you have know for years
    And even though he gets on everyones nerves, you still stay with him cause hes your friend.

    Me: he is such a [dobe]
    You: [yhea] [I know right]?

  9. dobes

  10. Description:
    While intoxicated, to piss and [throw up] on someone's floor, then [run away] without [cleaning] it up or telling anyone.

    Dude, Andy just pulled a fuckin dobes in my [kitchen].

    I'll [kick your ass] if you get [too drunk] and dobes in our house.

  11. Dobee

  12. Description:
    A [dank ass] kid who’s [all about] [living] life

    [Friend] 1: Who is that [dank] [kid]?
    Friend 2: That’s Dobee.

  13. dobe

  14. Description:
    [a good friend], [similar] to [hommie]

    [Hey] dobe, what [going down]?

  15. Dobe

  16. Description:
    [The past] [tense] of [dab].

    I [dobe] at the [homecoming dance] yesterday and some douchebag [snapchatted] it.

  17. dobe

  18. Description:
    1- [A little bit] of food [left over].

    2- Any small [unidentifiable] objects.

    1 - "I call [dobes]."

    2 - "[What are these] dobes all over my [clothes]?"

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