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ivory towers

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Descriptions and examples for ivory towers

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  1. Ivory Tower

  2. Description:
    A state of [sheltered] and unworldly [intellectual] [isolation].

    The first mention of [ivory towers] is in the Bible, Song of Solomon 7:4 (King James Version):

    Thy neck is as a tower of ivory; thine eyes like the fishpools in Heshbon, by the gate of Bathrabbim: thy nose is as the tower of Lebanon which looketh toward Damascus.

    The contemporary figurative meaning is of a place of unworldly isolation. This may be in allusion to the famous Hawksmoor Towers of [Oxford University's] All Souls' College, which are ivory in colour (or at least, they were when they were built in 1716). The relative lateness of the first uses of the phrase (below) tend to argue against that derivation.

    "Each member of society must be ever attentive to his social surroundings - he must avoid shutting himself up in his own peculiar character as a philosopher in his [ivory tower]."

  3. ivory tower

  4. Description:
    A [disparaging] term that refers to [elitist] [detachment] from, and especially criticism of the everyday world, or of common sense and beliefs.

    Let those scholars criticize our beliefs from their ivory tower; we all know how the world really works.

    "He needs to [get out] of his ivory tower and put his [feet] [on the ground]."

  5. Ivory Tower

  6. Description:
    Used to describe someone who believes they are better than people when they are not. People who fit this generally are in danger of falling into a [whirlpool] of their own douche. When necessary a person can make use of [doubling] the amount of [Ivory Towers] a person is on top of.

    That guy [sucks]!" "Yeah he's on at [least] two [Ivory Towers].

  7. ivory tower

  8. Description:
    A beautiful and challenging map in the [Bungie.net] video game "Halo 2". Originates from the way Bootron looks down at [Noodle] from atop the [scoreboard] (his figurative "ivory tower") after pwning him badly on this particular level.

    Bootron completely [PWND] [Noodle] in [Ivory Tower] last night.

  9. Ivory Tower Syndrome

  10. Description:
    A syndrome affecting the dedicated [academic] who stays up in the [tower] studying and writing and avoiding the rest of the world but which often results in a [profound] disconnection from others.

    That guy has an [advanced] case of Ivory Tower Syndrome which may [account] for his paralyzing [shyness].

  11. Ivory Tower

  12. Description:
    An [ivory tower] is an Eiffel Tower style threesome that occurs on top of a [grand piano]. This threesome is made up of two men and one woman. All three participants are positioned on a closed grand piano with the woman inbetween the two men. She performs a blow job on one man while being penetrated doggy-style by [the other man].

    Person 1: "What would you do if [you won] $10,000?"
    Person 2: "Well I've never played [the piano] before but I'd probably buy one just to have an [ivory tower] on it."

  13. Ivory

  14. Description:
    A chill female who [stays] to herself. Known as the shortest person in the room with the [resting bitch face]. She’s a real [smart ass] that will keep you laughing and take you new places.

    Don: you know [ivory]

    [Maryha]: yeah, ivory [cool af]

  15. Ivori

  16. Description:
    gorgeous, intelligent, mysterious, witty, hilarious, [extrovert] with [introvert] tendencies, creative and seductive, amazing in bed, awesome kisser, yet she is also tough, stands her ground, street-smart, brave, [enduring], loves hard, spoiled, bitchy (at times), always there for her girls, will give her last, and best friend you could ever have!

    Ivori is [such a] [pretty girl]!

  17. Ivory

  18. Description:
    Cocaine in its [solid] form. Such as [a rock] or [a brick].

    Cut that [ivory] into [skinny] [lines].

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