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1. To [knock over] a liquid of some [sort].
2. To tell everything.
3. To fall.
4. To do [poorly].

Descriptions and examples for spill

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  1. spill

  2. Description:
    to [vent], use a lot of words, [free form] rap, a braindump of ideas.

    could be used to describe a [lengthy] blog post, or a boring speech.

    can be used in a positive or negitive way.

    [wow] [honey], that was [quite] a spill.

  3. Spill

  4. Description:
    (v) to [ejaculate], [primarily] for [females]

    "Yo that [loose bitch] I fucked last night... she [spilled] all over my [sheets]."

  5. Spill

  6. Description:
    to [ditch] someone or [to leave] a group.

    or to "[spill]" out of a group.

    Jason: "Bro, this party is boring."

    [Hyde]: "Get [Kelly] and George and [spill] this place."

    Jason: "Alright, man."

  7. spill

  8. Description:
    (v) To take a taste of, hit of, [sip] of, [drag] of, pull of. Generally, any form of [tasting] or taking a small portion of something.

    1: "Yo man, [lemme get a] spill of that [rum and coke]"
    2: "Sure, lemme get a spill of that [cigar] first"

  9. spill

  10. Description:
    1) To take a bad fall while attempting a great [feat].

    2) [To drop] a messy item and [soil] something

    1) Dude-man, I totally spilled while attempting [the 900].

    2) My mom is going to get mad at me for [spilling] this wine on her nice [white carpet]

  11. Spill

  12. Description:
    n. a drink, could be [soda], [water], [beer], etc.

    [Mole] Chris: Hey, what size [spill] would you want?
    Grace: [I'll take] a small.

  13. Spill

  14. Description:
    the act of showing very little [discipline] post contest prep, especially unintentionally.
    synonyms: · [overflow] · fat · self [sabotage]

    [Kerzy]: "Hey man, you following your diet?"
    [Carlo]: "No man...I think Ima go to [Denny's] and spill."

  15. Spill

  16. Description:
    Verb; the act of smoking those greens or [sippin] some [purp] with your bros; often accompanied by the phrase [doof out]

    1. Yeah my nigga, we gon spill later with the squad you wanna come? 2. [Ayee] i gotta idea, we should [most def] [doof out] and spill later

  17. spill

  18. Description:
    (v) to [ejaculate], [primarily] for [females]

    "Yo that [loose bitch] I fucked last night... she [spilled] all over my [sheets]."

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