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A hillbilly variation of the name [Vicki]. A [manipulative], controlling woman, usually absurdly tall, & [homely]. This person uses foul language & often has red hair.

Descriptions and examples for vici

image of vici
  1. Vicy

  2. Description:
    1. A beautiful, hilarious girl, usually very [petite] and always smiling. Also tends to be extremely smart.

    2. The name you wish was yours...

    3. Also, a smart way to spell your name if you want to avoid the term 'You can't spell [Vicky] without the [icky]!'

    Tom: [Icky Vicky]!

    Vicy: That's not how you spell [my name] you [illiterate] idiot...

  3. vicis

  4. Description:
    a word that was [invented] [wen] i was having a hand [spasm]

    [sofia] [my cat] is vicis

  5. Mango Vici

  6. Description:
    Mango [Vici] is a partially combined abbreviation and Latin.

    Man stands for Man.

    Go is the Abbreviated word as it stands for Goes

    Vici is the Latin word as it stands for I [Conquered]

    [So in] Literal terms Mango Vici stands for Man goes I Conquered.

    This is also a Fashion Label so do not in any terms try to copy this name or say it is yours.

    I [wore] a Mango Vici [Polo Shirt] [Yesterday].

  7. Vidi, Vici, Veni.

  8. Description:
    I saw, I [conquered], I came.

    I saw [her/him], I had sex with them, I [ejaculated].

    Person 1: How did it go last night?
    Person 2: [Vidi], [Vici], [Veni].
    Person 1: Glad you finally got some action...

  9. Veni Vidi Vici

  10. Description:
    Latin for "I came, I saw, I conqured". [Julius] [Caeser] said this after kicking nearly EVERYONE's ass and hooking up with Cloepatra around [47] BC. Look it up.

    If I was as bad as [Julius] [Caeser] I'd be able to say "[Veni, vidi, vici]".

  11. veni, vidi, vici

  12. Description:
    Real Term: Julius Caeser said this when discribed how/what he did on his campaign. ([veni] (I came), [vidi] (I saw), [vici] (I conquered)

    Pepped-up horny teenagers term: vidi (I saw), vici (I conquered), veni (I came)
    Meaning: I saw the women, I talked to her and convinced her to go to her place, I ejaculated.

    Caeser: [Veni, vidi, vici]

    Dumbass 16 y/o: vidi, [vici], [veni]

  13. vidi vici vini

  14. Description:
    [I saw] , I [conquered] , [I came].

    vidi vici vini I saw , I [conquered] , [I came] [and how] nice it was.

  15. veni vedi vici

  16. Description:
    literally means "I came, I saw, I [conquered]" exclaimed by [Julius Caesar]. Found on all [Marlboro] cigarette packs

    "[Veni Vedi Vici]" -Marlboro

  17. veni, vidi, vici

  18. Description:
    [I came], [I saw], I [conquered].

    I came, I saw, I fucked.
    I came, I saw, I came.

    [Oh], [baby], veni, vidi, vici!

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