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The "yips" is a set of conditions associated with having your nerves badly [rattled]. Can affect the performance of athletes and in the case of combat veterans is a symptom of [PTSD]([Post Traumatic Stress Disorder]).

Descriptions and examples for yips

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  1. yips

  2. Description:
    a modern-day word for the drug [ecstasy], used so that [figures] of [authority] won't know one has dropped.

    ['Yo] dude, [you on] yips?'
    'Yeah man, [yipped] to fuck!'

  3. yips

  4. Description:
    A [mental] [disconnect] between the mind and the body. May result in becoming a [hacker].

    [Overton] missed his put [to the right] because he had [the yips].

  5. yips

  6. Description:
    [slang] term for the [drug] [cocaine].

    [yo] last night i was doing yips when [my mom] [walked in]

  7. yip yip

  8. Description:
    what [aang] says to [appa] to [get him] to fly

    [appa], yip yip

  9. yip yip

  10. Description:
    A word use to 'leave' or 'exit' a scene or a place. Also means 'let's go' referenced after the TV show 'Avatar', [Ang] used this word to tell his [bison] to [depart] on their journey.

    "[Alright] yip yip [its time] to go to the [gym]!

  11. Yip

  12. Description:
    Yip is an [abstract noun] for the feeling when you are happy/ [excited]/ want to party.It is not usually used in the same way as happy it is used like the word [yay]. For example-

    (Arrives at [party])
    A: [yip yip]
    B: yip yip [lets] party

  13. Yipped

  14. Description:
    [The act] of being [really high] on [cocaine].

    [Yo man] I'm so [yipped], lets go buy a [hat].

  15. The Yips

  16. Description:
    a sudden and unexplained loss of skills in experienced athletes. Some credit [the yips] to a loss of fine [motor skills]; others consider the condition to be primarily psychological, however it is poorly understood and has no known treatment or therapy. Athletes affected by the yips sometimes recover their ability, which may require a change in technique. Many are forced to [abandon] their sport at the highest level.

    Did you see Jon [Lester] has [the Yips]? Yeah he can’t throw to [first base].

  17. Yips

  18. Description:
    [Over Thinking] Something So Much You Become Unable To do It. You Than Will Often Proceed [To Implode].

    Happens When [Hitting On] Girls

    Making Game Winning Goals
    Making Public Speeches

    I Was At A Victoria's Secret Fashion Show And i [Got The Yips], I Couldn't [Hit On A Girl] All Night.

    Joe Got The Yips And Lost Us The State Title When He Missed That [Field Goal].

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