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[Over Thinking] Something So Much You Become Unable To do It. You Than Will Often Proceed [To Implode].

Happens When [Hitting On] Girls

Making Game Winning Goals
Making Public Speeches

Descriptions and examples for yips

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  1. yips

  2. Description:
    The "yips" is a set of conditions associated with having your nerves badly [rattled]. Can affect the performance of athletes and in the case of combat veterans is a symptom of [PTSD]([Post Traumatic Stress Disorder]).

    1) I [got the yips] and bogeyed the rest of the holes.

    2) My post military career [prospects] aren't looking so good with a bad case of the [combat] yips and and drinking myself to sleep every night.

  3. yips

  4. Description:
    a modern-day word for the drug [ecstasy], used so that [figures] of [authority] won't know one has dropped.

    ['Yo] dude, [you on] yips?'
    'Yeah man, [yipped] to fuck!'

  5. yips

  6. Description:
    A [mental] [disconnect] between the mind and the body. May result in becoming a [hacker].

    [Overton] missed his put [to the right] because he had [the yips].

  7. Yips

  8. Description:
    The [modern] day slang name for the [drug] [Ecstasy].

    *Mick: 'Whats wrong with you Tommy?'
    *Tommy: 'Ah im fucking [Yipped] out of it man!'
    *Mick: 'Ah [not so bad]!'
    *Sarah ([Micks girlfriend]): 'What are you doing that shite for Tommy? jesus christ like!'
    *Tommy: 'Ah shut up to fuck Sarah!'
    *Sarah: ' No i wont!'
    *Mick: 'Leave it Sarah'
    *Sarah: 'No I wont Mick, he shouldnt be on that shite!'
    *Mick: 'Fuck you Sarah, Tommy?
    *Tommy: 'Ya?'
    *Mick: 'Get me some fucking YIPS'.

  9. yips

  10. Description:
    [slang] term for the [drug] [cocaine].

    [yo] last night i was doing yips when [my mom] [walked in]

  11. YIPS

  12. Description:
    The resulting effect of smoking 2 [cartons] of cigarettes in 24 hours while playing 45 holes of golf.

    [Yips] tend to attack small, pasty [Villanova] alumni.

    Hole #1 - [My bad], Jeff. I got the f***ing YIPS!
    Hole #3 - My bad, Jeff. These f***in YIPS!
    Hole #4 - My bad, Jeff. F***ing YIPS are [killin] me.
    Hole #8 - My bad, Jeff. YIPS!!!!
    Hole #11 - My bad, Jeff. Can't shake these f***ing YIPS.
    Hole #15 - My bad, Jeff. [Faggot ass] YIPS!
    Hole #18 - My bad, Jeff. Sorry fellas. f***in YIPS killed me.

  13. YIPS

  14. Description:
    means [Yippee] [times two]. Used to express EXTREME exuburant delight or [triumph].

    [Yips] [yippee]! Our [team just] won the championship for the second year in a row!

  15. Yip

  16. Description:
    Yip is an [abstract noun] for the feeling when you are happy/ [excited]/ want to party.It is not usually used in the same way as happy it is used like the word [yay]. For example-

    (Arrives at [party])
    A: [yip yip]
    B: yip yip [lets] party

  17. Yipped

  18. Description:
    [The act] of being [really high] on [cocaine].

    [Yo man] I'm so [yipped], lets go buy a [hat].

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