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1. Something [disgusting] and inducing [vomit]
2. Something or someone lazy or [incorrigible]
3. stupid
4. Money made over a period of time

Descriptions and examples for gross

image of gross
  1. Gross

  2. Description:
    Something so mind-numbingly [awesome] that it defies [description] by ANY other [word].

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    1. Dude my girl let me do things to her that are only in the fantasies of porn movies.. It was GROSS.

    2. Hey man [Nesto], Travis, [Alec], and [Ankil] got some kicks in this sick ass exclusive shop in Boston.. They were GROSS.

  3. gross

  4. Description:
    it [means] like [superb] or [bad ass]

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    [Dude] that [kickflip] was [sick nasty] gross!

  5. gross

  6. Description:
    n. An acronym for Get Rid Of [Slimy] GirlS from [Calvin and Hobbes].

    adj. Disgusting or inducing [nausea] or revulsion.

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    [I can't stand] girls; I'm joining gross.

    [Eating] [dog poo] is gross.

  7. Gross

  8. Description:
    [Cool] and/or [sexy]

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    "Want to go to the [show]?"
    "Yeah! That [band's] [gross]!"

  9. gross

  10. Description:
    Slang for [seeing] something [impressive] or [expensive].

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    Did you see the [rims] on that [car]? [Yeah], they were gross.

  11. gross

  12. Description:
    [disgusting], [crude], [vulgar]

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    [That water] tastes so gross.

  13. Gross

  14. Description:
    [That nigga] a.l.e.x.

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    [Alex] is [gross] [af]

  15. Gross

  16. Description:
    [Twelve] [dozen].

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    "[The square] [root] of 'gross' is 'dozen', said Mr Dovetonsils [cleverly].

  17. gross

  18. Description:
    that which is so distasteful, it defies [description].

    Click here to hear audio sample : gross

    [What the fuck]?! That was [just] gross!

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