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Descriptions and examples for gross

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  1. gross

  2. Description:
    n. An acronym for Get Rid Of [Slimy] GirlS from [Calvin and Hobbes].

    adj. Disgusting or inducing [nausea] or revulsion.

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    [I can't stand] girls; I'm joining gross.

    [Eating] [dog poo] is gross.

  3. gross

  4. Description:
    Slang for [seeing] something [impressive] or [expensive].

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    Did you see the [rims] on that [car]? [Yeah], they were gross.

  5. gross

  6. Description:
    [disgusting], [crude], [vulgar]

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    [That water] tastes so gross.

  7. gross

  8. Description:
    that which is so distasteful, it defies [description].

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    [What the fuck]?! That was [just] gross!

  9. gross

  10. Description:
    [Another word] for [disgusting], [vomit] inducing etc.

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    Bob: What's [grosser] than gross?
    Tom: What is grosser than gross?
    Bob: When your eating a [hotdog] and it has veins in it.
    You sit on your grandads lab and he has a boner.
    You throw your [undies] at the wall, they stick.

  11. gross

  12. Description:
    That which is [beyond] [tasteless].

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    What happened to all the gross definitions in [the Urban Dictionary]? They were pretty funny. I miss [onion ring]. Even if I needed [mental floss] after reading it.

  13. gross

  14. Description:
    [fat person] [without] [clothes]

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  15. gross

  16. Description:
    [anything] [nasty] like [mung]

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    [eating] [mung] is gross

  17. gross

  18. Description:
    To [express] ones displeasure in a [females] [appearance].

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    [Guy1]: Look at that [foe].
    Guy2: [Gross]!

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