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Destroying the [beauty] of [something]. Usually referring to the [genitals].

Descriptions and examples for mutilation

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  1. Mutilated

  2. Description:
    Multiple [wounds] [inflicted] [on to] a person, causing death or severe pain

    [Mutilation]: Dislimb, [Gutting], [Slicing], Cutting

  3. Mutilate

  4. Description:
    To [cut down] your own [parts] of [your body].

    Holy shit Bob! Why [the fucking] hell did you [mutilate] your [leg]??

  5. self-mutilation

  6. Description:
    Hurting yourself in any way at all. Remarkably similar to eating disorders and [substance abuse]. Can be a cry for attention, a type of self-punishment or just a way of letting out frustration and depression. No matter what the form or reason, this is a disease and a serious, [widespread] problem. It is also extremely addictive and leads to downwards spirals of [reclusive] behavior, guilt and high-risk living.

    [Self-mutilation] can be cutting, head-slamming, [wrist banging], [scratching], picking, burning, bruising- anything painful.

  7. self-mutilation

  8. Description:
    [Self-mutilation] is when someone hurts themselves to release some form of pain. Usually cutting, [pulling hair], burning, banging etc. Making fun of them is not going to help. Just because you have different ways of [coping] doesn't mean you should make fun of people that already have problems hating themselves etc. Self-mutilators need help they don't need people picking on them.

    [Self-mutilation] is [dangerous]. If someone you know is self-mutilating [get some] kind of help.

  9. self-mutilation

  10. Description:
    [self mutilation] (or known as [self-injury]) is a concept on which many teens have picked up on. whether it be a form of releasing pain, or getting attention. it is [scarring] many teens in the process.
    it is almost any form of the desruction in one's own tissue.

    cutting, [wrist banging], burning, [head banging] (against walls), [pulling out] hair, breaking bones, scratching, amputation or anything of that severity

  11. self mutilation

  12. Description:
    Reasons People Cut:
    not able to express emotions
    unable to cope
    to regain [self-control]
    to ease tension and anxiety
    to escape feelings of depression
    to relieve anger and aggression
    to relieve intense emotional pain
    to retaing control over one's body
    to escape feelings of numbness

    not reasons:
    [suicide attempt]/ wanting to die

    always tell a trusted adult or parent if you or someone you know is self-mutilating. this is an unhealthy habit that needs to be treated.many self-mutilators can not stop their behaviors on their own and need professional help.

    [self-mutilation] is an [unhealthy] practise.

  13. Self mutilation

  14. Description:
    harming ones self on purpose.(burning,cutting, [pulling hair], hitting, etc) It is NOT an attempt, or even a sign of suicide. It is not only "emo" or goth [kds] that do it. Many people do. Some people do it because of depression, attention seeking, and many other reasons. It is not a sign of weakness, it is a cry for help! I know, because i used to cut! And saying bad things about us don't make us better...when people cut it can be just for trends, or for deep emotional problems!! SO STOP SAYING IT IS A TREND OR THAT THEY ARE TRYING TO BE HARDCORE!!! THAT WAS THE LAST THING ON MY MIND WHEN I DID IT!!..........[stupid fags]....

    Self mutilation is a [serious] [problem] that needs to be [payed] more attention to.

  15. Self mutilation

  16. Description:
    The practice of harming oneself (on purpose) in some way. There are many reasons people do this, [self-mutilation] (or: self harming, self injury, etc) is often linked to depression, high anxiety or self-loathing. If you harm yourself you need to [get help], tell a teacher or a parent or look in your [phone book] for a help line.

    Self mutilation is getting more and more [poular], [especially] among [teenage girls].

  17. self mutilation

  18. Description:
    Hurting yourself [on purpose], such as cutting. For some people it's for attention, or the need to feel [manipulative], but for most it's because of fdepression. It's a [coping mechanism], It helps you deal with strong emotions.

    [Some people] think [cutting] is [suicidal], but it's not.

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