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hook up

1. recieved a good or [service] as a [favor]
2. to [make out] with someone
3. to have sex with someone

Descriptions and examples for hook up

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  1. hook up

  2. Description:
    I have [absolutely] [no idea] [anymore].

    [Guy A]:"Did you hook up with the guys last night?"
    [Guy B]:"Yeah. Guy C hooked us up."
    Guy A: "Was Girl 1 there? Y'all should hook up."
    Guy B: "She hooked up with me after. We, like, hooked up."
    Guy A: "So...did you hook up?"
    Guy B: "No."

    An actual conversation, heard on the Chicago [CTA].

  3. hook up

  4. Description:
    1. In middle school: holding hands and hugging
    2. In high school: making out, [fondling], [handjobs] and blowjobs
    3. In college: drunken one night stands
    4. Beyond college: [wild sex]

    1. Sean and Jennifer hooked up after school yesterday.
    [Middle school girls]: "oooooh!"

    2. Sean and Jennifer hooked up after prom.
    High school friends: "[tell me more] about this!"

    3. Sean and Jennifer hooked up during the wild frat party.
    College [broskis]: "yeaah, good for you, man!"

    4. Sean and Jennifer hooked up after they got wasted at the bar.
    Anyone: "casual sex? whatever, happens all the time."

    And that's how people hook up.

  5. hook up

  6. Description:
    verb: to engage in any type of sexual activity.
    noun: 1. purposely ambiguous, [equivocal] word to describe almost any sexual action. usually used to exaggerate or minimize what exactly happened. a hook-up can range from a [make-out] session to [full out] sex.
    2. person you hook up with

    a: "[so what] did you guys do last night."
    b: "[welll], you know...we hooked up."
    a: "come on! that could mean anything. give me [details]!

  7. Hook up

  8. Description:
    to have sexual pleasures ([making out], [fingering], oral, or sex) with someone your not going out with, or [no strings attached]. can happen mulitple times, with one girl.

    "dude, you gotta [hook up with] [Kaley] tonight at [the party]."

  9. hook up

  10. Description:
    When a [young man] and [young woman] have romantically feelings toward each other and they start dating each other exclusively. Sometimes the guy and girl start off [as friends], but it progresses to something more.

    Morgan and [Kennedy] decided to hook up after Morgan waited and waited for Kennedy to break up with her [ex-boyfriend] [Declan].

  11. hook up

  12. Description:
    to hook up is to do anything from [make-out] to [have sex], with someone you are not [in a relationship] with

    I dont think i'll ever [hook up with] him, [even if] im [drunk]

  13. hook up

  14. Description:
    1) to [get together] with someone with the intention of dating or having sexual relations with them.

    2) to [meet up] with someone to hang out.

    3) to "[hook] someone up" means to provide that person with some kind of item or service, often of an illegal nature.

    1) "I hooked up with my girlfriend when she used to live next door to me."

    2) "We'll hook up with you guys later at [Cassidy's]."

    3) "[Hook me up] with an [Alpine] sometime if you can."

  15. hook up

  16. Description:
    [Yanks] use 'hook up' [differently] to the rest of the English-speaking world. They use it in a sexual context or providing an item for somebody that's usually [dodgy]. Everyone else uses it in the context of meeting someone.

    [Hook up]:

    1) I hooked up with him in New York. We made love all night!

    2) Hey! [Hook a brother up] with some dope!

    3) I hooked up with [my mate] in London. I hadn't seen him in years.

  17. hook up

  18. Description:
    There are so many different definitions to this phrase...

    1) To go out with; date

    2) To make out with, without dating the person; not considered cheating

    3) To make out with, without dating the person; considered cheating

    4) To have sex with

    5) To recieve a great favor/[deed] [done for] you

    6) To go out with a person (on an [outing], not considered dating)

    1) I wanna hook up with Nina!

    2) Jessie and Fred hooked up last week.

    3) [Gregg] was pissed off when he found out Morgan hooked up with John

    4) Chelsea and Pete hooked up at a party and Chelsea ended up getting pregnant.

    5) Thanks for [hooking] me up with these concert tickets!

    6) I saw my [old friend] Tammy in the grocery store, so we hooked up and went to the mall to hang out.

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