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acronym meaning: "[i don't love you]"
related to [ily], meaning "[i love you]"

Descriptions and examples for idly

image of idly
  1. idly

  2. Description:
    [I dont like you]

    Person 1: Billy idly anymore.
    Person 2: [why not]?
    Person 1: because, you broke my [Ipad] and ate all my food.
    Person 2: then idly either :(
    Person 1: HAHA [JUST KIDDING]
    Person 2: ...

  3. IDLY

  4. Description:
    Stands for "[I Don't Love You]", a My [Chemical Romance] song, from [The Black Parade].

    Person 1:Have you seen [the video] for IDLY yet?
    Person 2:Yeah, [isn't it] [awesome]?

  5. idli

  6. Description:
    Commonly used as [internet slang], short form for:

    I don't [like it]/I [dislike] it.

    GIRL ONE: [ZOMG]! I love the new [The Academy Is]... album.
    GIRL TWO: [Nahh] idli.

  7. Idli Journalist

  8. Description:
    A [journalist] that pretends to stand for one cause while simultaneously [chumming] it up with the people who work to [destroy] that cause.

    Did you see [Rohini] Singh? She claims to love idlis but she also supports [Sadhvi] Saraswati who wants to behead south Indians. Such an [idli journalist].

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