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Short for the word “[sister]” but also just an [answer] to any [question] ever.

Descriptions and examples for sis

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  1. sis

  2. Description:
    Short for sister, commonly used as a [term of endearment] to friends in [urban] new york/[jersey] areas

    [hey], sis, [whats up]

  3. sis

  4. Description:
    Not meaning “[sister]”. Commonly used to [refer] to a close friend or [bestfriend].

    “[what’s up], sis”

  5. SIS

  6. Description:
    Abbreviation for: "[Sisters], In, Spirit". Your Best Friend or [Bae]. Usually used to refer to someone really close to you, someone you spend a lot of time with, like [your sister].

    Girl: OMG, squad [on fleek]!
    Girl 2: [yas], we look #Fabulous
    Girl: [Yas] Sis Yas!

  7. sis

  8. Description:
    1) Short for sister
    2) In the song [Fuck the Pain Away] by [Peaches], [SIS] seems to stand for Stay In School...

    My sis went to the movies with a [scumball].

    "[Stay in] school... [Cause it's] the best..."

  9. sis

  10. Description:
    [Slang] for [sister]

    [Me and] my sis [went] to the [movies].

  11. sis

  12. Description:
    the abbreviation of "[sister]";
    a [genderless] term much like "bro" or "dude"

    people can also [say it] like "sister" but that doesn't change the definition

    like when you say "brother" instead of "bro"

    -"How do you feel about celebrity drama?"
    -"It's [the tea], sis."

    -"[Hey sisters]!" -James [Charles]

    -"How u doing?"
    -"I'm so fucking depressed, sister"

  13. sis

  14. Description:
    1.) A South African English expression roughly equivalent to the American "[yech]" and the [Afrikaans] expression "[sies]".

    2.) An American term of endearment for a sister, now also used in other countries.

    1.) [Sis], man, [you stink]!

    2.) Hey, [sis], hey bro, how's Ma [doin']?

  15. sis

  16. Description:
    [short] for [sister]

    "[HI SISTERS]" = [james charles]

  17. SIS

  18. Description:
    [Snickering] in [Silence]
    new for LOL because it [applies] much more than LOL when texting/typing and trying to be quite

    While [texting in] class i received a message with a prime time to say "thats what she said" and/or "reminds me of my saturday night" or even "I get that all the time" so I [sis'd] vs [lol'ing]

    "idk what happened it just went everywhere after i touched it"
    "reminds me of my saturday night"

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