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A type of attitude where one [instantly] [jumps] to conclusions. Sometimes after doing so he/she refuses to hear anything more to [lift] this attitude.

Descriptions and examples for conclusive

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  1. Conclusion

  2. Description:
    1. The result or [outcome] of an act or process.
    2. To come to a [conclusion] too quickly, without [sufficient] thought or evidence.

    1. After a tough hour with [the math] problem, he finally came to a [conclusion].

    2. "She saw me and her best friend [on the couch] talking and she jumped to conclusions"

  3. Conclusion

  4. Description:
    [The place] where you got [tired] of [thinking].

    [After hours] of [hard work] and study, he got tired of thinking and finally came to a [conclusion].

  5. Super Conclusive Conclusion, Yes!

  6. Description:
    Super [Conclusive] [Conclusion], Yes! is a phrase used to describe a [conclusion] that it so [conclusive] it concludes every problem known to man all at once, even the meaning of life. Sadly the only man ever to reach this Died from his shoulders exploding from the weight burdened on one who has come to a Super Conclusive Conclusive Conclusion, Yes!.

    When saying Super Conclusive Conclusion, Yes! pay close attention to the exclamation mark. The Yes must be yelled out or else it just means a Conclusion that is pretty swell.

    Thomas: "It all makes sense now"
    [Dustin]: "Ohh noo! Super [Conclusive] [Conclusion], Yes!"
    Thomas: "(popping noise)"
    Dustin: "WHY GOD, WHY"

  7. Optical Conclusion

  8. Description:
    Making a [final] [decision] by seeing something without having all the [facts].

    I saw your girl having lunch with some other dude, so [I came] to the [optical conclusion] that they were [bumpin' uglies]!

  9. conclusion-hopper

  10. Description:
    From [working] with [impatient] people; One who thinks they know [the answer to everything], without first investigating.

    [Boo] could not get the [application] to work, because he's a conclusion-hopper, and he did not read the [instructions]

  11. Self Conclusion

  12. Description:
    Self Conclusion is [suicide].

    [self conclusion] is often not [the best] [solution]

  13. In conclusion

  14. Description:
    the most basic and simplest way to end your [essay] that you [forgot] was due [the next day].

    "[In conclusion], the most basic and simplest way to end your [essay] that you forgot was due [the next day] is "[in conclusion]"."

  15. Optical Conclusion

  16. Description:
    [Optical] Conclusion- When someone [tells] you the ending of a movie you haven't seen yet.

    1. That was the worst [Optical conclusion] I have ever herd slash seen!

    2. [Dang it] [Jairus]! Why do you always ruin the movie with an [Optical Conclusion].

    3. I don't want to see that, Shane already told me the Optical Conclusion.

  17. Foregone conclusion

  18. Description:
    This phrase is commonly used in Sporting circles where there is no doubt about the final outcome of an event before it has even taken place.

    There are some very rare occasions where the professed ‘conclusion’ doesn’t work out according to plan, one occasion was in Japan (Feb 1990) when Mike Tyson predicted his [knock-out] of [Buster Douglas].

    Even more famously, the memorable phrase was announced in Carnoustie during the Bus Pushers 2015 tour when Casey (3rd [Runner-up] on the [Wicklow] Hurling team of the Millennium) was heard to declare that the next day’s team event was going to be won by the Greenkeepers and the result was a [foregone conclusion].

    Despite the reasonable start with a 6 pointer on the first hole, Casey’s previous days confidence soon evaporated with a couple of 3 pointers and an even more impressive 2 pointer on the 5th hole. By the time they got to the turn his embarrassed teammates were hoping that the opposition would decide not to play the [back-nine] so that the ill-advised declaration may still have a chance of coming true.

    Alas it was not to be, the greenkeepers final score was a full 11 points behind the winners total of 86 points. No-one can be bothered to remember who actually won that day but the resounding chorus of [Foregone conclusion] was heard being chanted from the winners room until 9pm when Tony went to bed.

    The tale of the golfing foregone conclusion is still being discussed in Scottish golf clubs to the present day.

    Frank: How are you feeling about tomorrow’s team event Richie?

    Richie: Not too sure Frank, had a few electrical faults on Trump Aberdeen today and only scored 17 pts, luckily for me Willie was on fire and carried us to victory, what about you [Smithy]?

    Smithy: Ah Richie lad, calm down us Raharney lads are born winners, didn’t we win the Westmeath U-21, [Junor] & Senior hurling titles in 1984, the rest of those lads won’t know what hit them, what do you think Casey?

    Casey; It’s a [foregone conclusion] lads!

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